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We bid you a warm welcome to the Fourth Age of Middle Earth. The War of the Ring is behind us and peace has once again found Middle Earth, or has it?
Welcome, traveller, to World of Middle Earth, a text-based RPG website for Tolkien fans by Tolkien fans. Join us in exploring all of Middle Earth, dine with our dear Hobbits, and marvel over the finest Dwarven crafts. Immerse yourself not only in our amazing topics, but learn everything there is to know about Tolkien's universe in the many In-Game classes we have to offer, or start your own Elvenstone collection!

At World of Middle Earth you are sorted into one of our four kingdoms: Gondor, Rhovanion, Lindon, or Eriador. Afterwards you are free to choose one of the following four races for your character: Dwarf, Hobbit, Human, or Elf. After choosing your race your sign-up age will then be changed into its race's equivalent.

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Unique friendships

Everyone on World of Middle Earth has one interest in common: Lord of the Rings. You will immediately get to know other new fellow users and will most certainly form lots of unique friendships. Who knows, maybe you'll even find your new best friend on one of your many journeys?

Active chat

Enjoy yourself in the chat and write about whatever you desire. What did your hobbit-friends do today and did you hear the latest gossip?


Let your user unfold in Minas Tirith or perhaps venture into Rhovanion. Everything is possible in the topics and is (almost) only limited by your imagination.

Achievements & Levels

Get the coolest achievements and show them off to your friends. Gain experience and level up and discover then new functions on World of Middle Earth. The higher level you achieve, the better a elf/hobbit/dwarf/human you are.


Shop in Lord Sauron's Dark Treasures or Smaug's Treasures. Are you thirsty, then buy a pint of mead from The Hobbity Tavern. Or do you want to have some elven items visit the Quendi's finest garb.


Learn about the History of Arda or even submit a homework on languages of Middle Earth. You can enroll in more than 10 different classes.


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