52 Weeks of WoME #4
Tobias gives an update!

- From : Tobias Elkhart

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Tobias Elkhart

Tobias Elkhart Puzzles! Puzzles sound great, Susie! There shall be puzzles in the next one!

Susie Ballylaw

Susie Ballylaw All the heroes! I love it! :D And maybe we could also solve puzzles and mysteries like Gandalf when he opened the secret door with "mellon"? :D That's also something that adventurer's do!

Grimar Ghil

Grimar Ghil I love this!

Tobias Elkhart

Tobias Elkhart Would you rather cuddle the spiders, Cyr?

Íona Draugrîs

Íona Draugrîs Soo many info! Yess

Cyrsi Inladhwen

Cyrsi Inladhwen I don't think fighting is what would take place with giant spiders...Jadros did an incredible job with the book so check it out!! And Kadon is very deservinggg <3

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