52 Weeks of WoME #9
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Eamon Bluefeather

Eamon Bluefeather Lol xD Milk and tea but it shall be a rendezvous xD That'll be fun xD

Kadon Thrawn

Kadon Thrawn AWARDS GO VOTE and Iona I wish you the best of luck with your future child!

Íona Draugrîs

Íona Draugrîs Pff twins? Io probably can't even handle one babe

Marley Harlow

Marley Harlow Yes I did make a great fool of myself but I heard it worked :P

Ellie Lakestar

Ellie Lakestar Hehe, amazing blog post! Marley- maybe start practicing your sword fighting skills before you attempt to show off?

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