A New Announcement (and Announcer!)
A new announcer introduces herself with a fun little quiz!

- From : Tobias Elkhart

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Kalaethuin Nelhir

Kalaethuin Nelhir Oh a shield/sword o:

Jake Underhill

Jake Underhill oooh a dagger :o

User was corrupted by the dark

User was corrupted by the dark It seeems I’m a shield :O

Bryna Chrysalis

Bryna Chrysalis Oooh a tie between a shield and sword for me! Fantastic blog Elena, I cant wait to see more! ❤️

Shrike Morroval

Shrike Morroval A shield it seems :)

Caelynn Liadon

Caelynn Liadon lol i got sword XD

Ioelena Faeramor

Ioelena Faeramor I'm a dagger (with sword close behind)

Paxrisa Gunnbjornsson

Paxrisa Gunnbjornsson I am between sword and shield

Susie Ballylaw

Susie Ballylaw I am A SWORD! Definitely the most adventurouuuuuus! Swish swoosh, hyakkaaaaa!

Tobias Elkhart

Tobias Elkhart I am a sword, but then again I am obviously a crossbow

Íona Draugrîs

Íona Draugrîs Oh Io is definitely a shield. Not too surprising haha

Luca Elsharion

Luca Elsharion I'm a shield XD that's so me. I love this test.

Róin Thore

Róin Thore whoopsi...except for question 2 it always leads me to sword...and they say I'm a hobbit pfff XD

Morwen Elenlome

Morwen Elenlome Oh I am a sword! Marvellous test, I can't wait to read more of you darling! What a great start!

Onóir Môriel

Onóir Môriel Mostly A! This article is super cute! Can't wait to see more like it in the future <3

Hurgus Ironfist

Hurgus Ironfist Looks like I am both, a dagger and a shield!

Illmare Moruinen

Illmare Moruinen :O It appears i am either a dagger or a sword! Well I am definitely not a shield, that's for sure! :D Loved the test, can't wait for more! ♥

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