A Special Gift from
your SoME team!

It is a brand new year and this of course calls for some gifts! We haven't exactly been sitting still these past few days because we've worked very hard to prepare an awesome gift for you!

...And no, it isn't just this meme.

Curious as we can be over at the Announcers' Guild, we have paid a visit to the wonderful people who are with the management team to ask them a few naughty and curious questions. And these questions, we have poured into a quiz!

You can now find out for yourself which management team member you are most like!

Maybe you're gracious like our Advisor, cheeky like our Steward of Announcers — or maybe you're not exactly where you're supposed to be, just like me (Gandalf's beard, I do wonder who put Caine Jendryng in the Goblet of Buzzfeed...)

If you are itching to find out which management team member is your long lost twin at heart, you can take this path (open in a new tab!) and find out!

Us Announcers (and the management, too) are curious creatures at heart! We'd love to hear from you which management member you got as a result on your quiz. Let us know in the comments below, or through a beacon!



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