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It is our nineteenth week in this blog series brought to you by yours truly — Caine Jendryng! Now, let's take a look at the latest news which has reached my ears during the past few days...

Nothing unites people more than making a bond eternal through a sworn promise, a spoken word of love and the gift of a shimmering ring. Belgarion Redgrave and Daisy Sullivan have given each other their word and their blessings at their magnificent wedding ceremony!

Everything looks bright and good in Middle Earth, maybe even too bright and too joyful to some. A little bird whispered in my ear this morning that no one but the Elder Queen Íona Draugrís herself is attempting her own citizens to become evil!

This week's Hero of the Week is the amazing Elythe Lightsight. She was recently spotted around Middle Earth again, showing her face at the mesmerizing ceremony where the new kings and queens have been crowned rulers of their kingdoms. A secret admirer told me the following about her return:

"And if you ask me something amazing about her is the fact that she makes the best jokes, and makes everyone feel like family!! A well deserved spot if you ask me! I heard she has her head up far in the skies and stars and can tell you amazing stories about a dragon!"

For next week, I would love to give another shout out to someone that one of you chose, so do you have a particularly fine roleplay partner, a spiritual ray of sunshine in chat or someone who made your day a better place? Send me their name!

Do never hesitate to beacon me for anything (especially if it's something you'd love to see being featured in next week's blog), and let's hope these weekly posts will help us all to bring the site to a new level!

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Kindest regards,
Caine Jendryng