52 Weeks of WoME #16
Weekly updates on all things World of Middle Earth, brought to you by Caine Jendryng!

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Aloric Eli

Aloric Eli Congrats to the new Kiser parents !

Susie Ballylaw

Susie Ballylaw I know triangles, but I never heard of a lovely triangle o: Maybe it's a cake shaped as a triangle, that sounds lovely :D

Rory Chase

Rory Chase *blinks* what the-

Róin Thore

Róin Thore What? Who? Where? *is confused* I...Dae...Sol...ehm...*doesn't want to explain*

Soledad Nîbryîl

Soledad Nîbryîl Eeeeeehm... *looks Róin und Dae* Eeeeeeerr. You two explain!

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