Behind the Screens #1
World of Middle Earth is a platform for people from all over the world. We dress in medieval costumes, behave like elves and dwarves... But who is actually sitting behind the screen? Here we go and find out about the lovely people behind the characters.... eeeeeeeh screens!

- From : Eamon Bluefeather

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Aloric Eli

Aloric Eli What. A. Coding. It's fantastic^^ Very gad to learn a bit more about Cyrsi ! :D

Susie Ballylaw

Susie Ballylaw Oh this is the bestest! I love all the questions and the answers! Super nice to read c:

Vaela Skylark

Vaela Skylark nice to get to know lovely Sage Cyrsi

Íona Draugrîs

Íona Draugrîs Omg, loving this SO much! amazing idea

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